Custom Make Online

Custom Make Online

Hoping to recreate that lasting memory from your last vacation? Looking for a gift for that person that is so hard to buy for? Now you can order from our entire fragrance collection of 80+ scents and even blend your own custom scent directly from our website and we will pour it on-demand and ship it to you or have it ready for pick up in store! Whether you want an amazing single scent such as Sandalwood, Love Spell, and Very Vanilla, or you want to experiment with creating your own unique blend such as Aged Books and Leather combined for that true old school library feel, you can do it on our website.

You can check out all our single scents with descriptions as well as some blending recommendations here. You can select from our wide variety of vessels to have your candle poured in.

If you want to custom blend you can do that right here. Choose up to 3 scents and we will blend them evenly or you can tell us in the ‘Blend Notes’ how you want us to proportion the fragrance.

ALSO, most of our retail items that you can find in the store are now available online. Wick trimmers, rechargeable candle lighters, journals, local artisan items, t-shirts and more!

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