Grand Haven's Must-Do List During the Coast Guard Festival

Grand Haven Michigan Coast Guard Festival logo

Celebrate the spirit of the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan for its 100th year celebration, with our handpicked guide to the city's best experiences. As Grand Haven's waterfront comes alive with the festival's excitement, we invite you to discover the charm and vibrancy of our community. From creating a personalized souvenir to savoring local flavors and exploring iconic spots, these are the moments that will make your festival experience truly unforgettable.

1. Capture Grand Haven's Essence at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co.

Begin your adventure at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co., where you can immerse yourself in the craft of candle-making. Our store is proud to introduce the Best of Grand Haven candle, an exclusive creation that celebrates the city's landmarks and favorite activities on its label. This candle isn't just a fragrance; it's a journey through Grand Haven's best, encapsulated in a jar.

2. Iconic Eats at The Unicorn Tavern

No visit to Grand Haven during the Coast Guard Festival would be complete without experiencing the local cuisine at The Unicorn Tavern. Known for its welcoming atmosphere and delicious fare, The Unicorn Tavern is a must-visit for anyone looking to indulge in the best tastes of Grand Haven.

3. Souvenir Shopping at Marushka

Continue your exploration by visiting Marushka, a unique store where art meets fashion. Here, you can find distinctive souvenirs that capture the creative spirit of Grand Haven, from screen-printed apparel to original artworks, making for perfect mementos of your visit.

4. Delight in Local Treasures at Fortino's

For those who appreciate the finer things, Fortino's offers a treasure trove of local and imported delicacies. From gourmet chocolates to specialty wines, Fortino's is a haven for foodies and a testament to Grand Haven's rich culinary culture.

5. Relax and Unwind at Chinook Pier

Wrap up your festival adventure with a leisurely visit to Chinook Pier. This vibrant waterfront area is the perfect place to soak in the beauty of Grand Haven, offering picturesque views, quaint shops, and a peaceful ambiance to relax and reflect on your festival experiences.

This Coast Guard Festival, venture beyond the events and immerse yourself in the unique experiences that Grand Haven has to offer. From the scent-filled journey at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. with our Best of Grand Haven candle to the culinary delights at The Unicorn Tavern, the artistic finds at Marushka, the gourmet selections at Fortino's, and the serene beauty of Chinook Pier, your festival experience is waiting to be enriched. These local favorites are not just activities; they're the essence of Grand Haven, shared with you.

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