Interview with 13 On Your Side news

Interview with 13 On Your Side news

Keely Lovern of 13 On Your Side came out and interviewed us. It was an honor to be part of this story. Thank you so much. You can link out to the video here or read below!

Holland candle shop prepares for first Tulip Time with special candle

HOLLAND, Mich. — This week celebrates National Small Business Week across the country, and there are plenty to highlight right here in West Michigan. Especially important for small businesses, are events like Tulip Time, that bring in thousands of people from all over the world.

For one Holland couple, this will be their small candle company's first festival, and they're excited to share their passion for what they do.

Garsnett Beacon Candle Company started as just an idea for Chad and Sabastian Garsnett.

"When the pandemic hit, it really kind of set us into motion," Chad said. "It really made us think about life, and where we wanted to be and what we wanted to do."

That idea that has now grown into their very own small business located in the heart of Holland. 

"We decided, life is short," Chad said, "let's just go for it."

"We thought we could combine everything we like about other candles into one," added Sabastian. "And candles are great, I mean who doesn't like a good candle?"

The pair moved to Holland at the end of last summer, and knew the city would be a great place for their business to flourish. Now they're about to experience their first Tulip Time Festival.

"It's obviously a little bit nerve-wrecking," said Chad, "but we know that being a vendor at the Artisan Market will be exciting, and it's going to be great to interact with a bunch of people from all over the world."

They've even created a special candle just for the 9-day festival called 'Holland In Bloom.'

"We wanted to create a candle of everything that we've found Holland to be," said Sabastian.

"It smells like taking a walk in Centennial Park downtown on a sunny day," Chad explained, "smelling all of the tulips with a nice floral scent."

Right now, Garsnett Beacon candles are sold at the Apothecary Gift Shop and The Poppy Peach in Downtown Holland along 8th Street. 

They're also available for one-day shipping on their website. 

"I think it's important to have something made locally, here in Holland, that people can purchase and take home with them wherever that may be," Sabastian said.

"Yeah, having the product we've taken the time to create and hope to give someone a memory from I think that part of it would be fantastic for them to walk away with," Chad added. 

And as part of their overall mission, Garsnett Beacon is giving a portion of their proceeds to a local organization every two months. They recently made a donation to I AM ACADEMY.

"We really hope to become a part of the community and give back to it as well as we grow," Chad said. 

You can learn more about Garsnett Beacon Candle Company by clicking here.

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