Saugatuck's Summer Spotlight: A Local's Guide to the Venetian Festival

venetian fest saugatuck michigan

Dive into the heart of summer in Saugatuck, Michigan, during the vibrant Venetian Festival. Celebrated for its artistic flair and waterfront charm, Saugatuck becomes even more enchanting during this time. From crafting memorable keepsakes to indulging in local cuisine, enjoying live music, and exploring the waterways, our curated guide promises to enhance your Venetian Festival experience with local treasures and unforgettable moments.

1. Illuminate Your Saugatuck Experience at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co.

Begin your festival journey at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co., where the art of candle-making awaits you. This year, we are thrilled to introduce the annual limited edition Saugatuck candle, a meticulously crafted scent that captures the essence of Saugatuck’s summer vibrancy. More than a candle, it's a token of your unforgettable time in Saugatuck.

2. Relax and Recharge at Oval Beach

Cap off your Venetian Festival adventure with a visit to the pristine Oval Beach, one of Saugatuck's most beloved natural treasures. With its soft sands and stunning sunsets, Oval Beach offers a serene escape, inviting you to relax, recharge, and reflect on the beauty of Saugatuck.

3. Culinary Delights at Wicks Park Bar & Grill

After crafting your candle, treat your taste buds at Wicks Park Bar & Grill. With its inviting atmosphere and mouth-watering menu, it's the perfect spot to relax and refuel. Whether you're craving a hearty meal or a refreshing cocktail, Wicks Park Bar & Grill offers a taste of Saugatuck's local flavor that you won't want to miss.

4. Nostalgic Waves with Retro Boat Rentals

Embrace Saugatuck's scenic waterways with a unique twist at Retro Boat Rentals. Rent a retro-styled, electric boat and glide along the Kalamazoo River in style. It's an ideal way to see Saugatuck from a different perspective while enjoying a blend of nostalgia and modern convenience.

5. Groove to Live Music at Wicks Park

Enhance your festival evenings by catching live music performances at Wicks Park. With a lineup featuring a variety of genres, there's something for every music lover. Experience the vibrant local music scene and let the rhythms add an extra layer of excitement to your Venetian Festival nights.

6. A Unique Ride on the Saugatuck Chain Ferry

Complete your Saugatuck adventure with a ride on the historic Chain Ferry. As one of the last of its kind, the Chain Ferry offers a charming and practical way to cross the river, providing both a nod to Saugatuck's history and a delightful experience for visitors and locals alike.

This Venetian Festival, step beyond the usual and immerse yourself in the unique experiences that Saugatuck has to offer. From the memorable creation of your own Saugatuck candle at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. to the delectable dining at Wicks Park Bar & Grill, the nostalgic river rides with Retro Boat Rentals, the lively tunes at Wicks Park, and the quaint journey aboard the Chain Ferry, your festival is set to be filled with moments that celebrate the best of Saugatuck.

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