Uncover Holland's Gems Beyond the Tulips: A Local's Guide to Tulip Time Festival

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Embrace the vibrant spirit of Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan, with a journey that goes beyond the tulip fields. As the city comes alive with color, discover unique experiences that capture the essence of Holland's rich culture and community. From crafting your own scented memory to exploring local fashion and art, our guide is your ticket to uncovering Holland's hidden treasures during the festival from May 4-12th.

1. Pour Your Own Memory at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co.

Immerse yourself in the aromatic world of candle making at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co., the premier destination for those looking to pour their own candles in Holland, Michigan. You can make reservations to secure your spot.

This Tulip Time, don't miss the chance pick up your own limited edition Holland in Bloom candle, a scent that embodies the festival's floral splendor. It's not just a candle; it's Holland's beautiful scent in May, captured. You can also take home the Big Red Lighthouse candle, a beautiful blend of sea salt and driftwood. 

2. Conscious Fashion at Frances Jaye

Just a short walk from our candle haven, you'll find Frances Jaye, an ethical fashion boutique that prides itself on giving back. Offering an exquisite collection for both men and women, Frances Jaye stands out as the best clothing store in Holland, Michigan, for those who value style and sustainability alike.

3. Artistic Whimsy at Carolyn Stich Studio

Dive into the colorful world of Carolyn Stich Studio, a cornerstone of Holland's art scene known for its fun and affordable artwork. Whether you're an art aficionado or simply seeking a memento, Carolyn Stich's creations offer a playful glimpse into the artistic vibrancy of Holland, Michigan.

4. Savor the Morning at The Biscuit

Begin your day with a culinary delight at The Biscuit, Holland's go-to spot for a memorable breakfast. Highly recommended are their sumptuous french toast and savory sausage, a combination that's sure to prepare you for a day of festival adventures.

5. Discover Gifts with Heart at Apothecary Gift Shop

Complete your Tulip Time exploration at Apothecary Gift Shop, a beloved gift shop in Holland, Michigan, known for its thoughtful and unique finds. It's the perfect place to select a gift that encapsulates the spirit of your Holland experience.

This Tulip Time, venture beyond the tulips and immerse yourself in the unique activities Holland, Michigan, has to offer. From the creative candle-making at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. to the ethical elegance at Frances Jaye, the artistic allure of Carolyn Stich Studio, the delectable breakfasts at The Biscuit, and the curated finds at Apothecary Gift Shop, your festival experience is waiting to be enriched. Make these local favorites your go-to destinations for an unforgettable Tulip Time Festival. You can see the full schedule of shows and events on the website

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