Our Story

Garsnett Beacon Candle Co. was created by Chad and Sabastian Garsnett in the coastal town of Holland, Michigan. Along with iconic windmills and lighthouses, this area of the country inspires artist and crafters of many backgrounds with its serene beaches and magical sunsets.

“Do you ever come across a certain scent that takes you back to your childhood or favorite memory? I do too! That is why I love candles. We're able to experience so much through the intricate notes in every fragrance. I love that candles can transform an atmosphere through scent that can calm the mind and improve the mood. You can easily create a calming ambience in your office or home through a candle or wax melts.”


Our mission at Garsnett Beacon Candle Co.™ is to activate the senses through thoughtful scents and complementary designs. We use only the finest materials in our products and make it our priority to use resources in a conscious manner, minimizing our footprint on the environment.

At the core of our mission is our belief in supporting organizations that help to build a community of belonging through diversity, equity, and inclusion. A portion of proceeds go directly back into the community. Follow us on social to see who we are supporting this month!