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Big Red Wax Melts

Big Red Wax Melts

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Kick back and relax like you're at your favorite beach with our Big Red wax melt! Enjoy the incredibly fresh scent that is perfect year round. Created with a proprietary blend of sea salt, driftwood and spiced orange scents, this candle is fantastic for use in the kitchen, living room, or even your bedroom while you relax or host company. Our Big Red scent leaves behind a magnificently pure and enjoyable aroma that will last long and keep each room smelling great. 

The Big Red scent was inspired by the iconic Holland Harbor Lighthouse that has helped many travels come and go through the Holland channel.

You can learn more about the lighthouse history here.

Features of Big Red Wax Melt

Fragrance Notes: Top – Spiced Orange-Cardamom / Mid – Sea Salt / Base – Driftwood-Amber-Light Musk-Palm

Net 2.75 oz, Total 3.0 oz | 3" x 4"

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